Water Impression of the Hudson River

Created By Carlos Maneiro

This is a piece that is part of a technique that I have been practicing for a while now. From the "Water Impressions" series, in which I take a canvas to a body of water, being the beach or in this case the Hudson River, place it on a flotation device and apply the paint live onto the canvas as it floats around. The idea is to capture the motion of water as accurately as possible and straight from the source, allowing water, and sand to make it onto the canvas to add to the texture and location feel. Then I take this basic composition to the studio and do the finishing touches. Basically in water I have found the perfect element to represent what I try to communicate through my work, duality. In water one can find order and disorder, peace and chaos, life and death. Plus the fact that water is a natural resource that is being abused and depleted by the hand of men makes it a perfect allegorical element of expression. The connection between men and nature and so on. I just hope to me people thirsty when they see my work.

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Mixed Media




February, 2018